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Warehouse Planning

For the planning and optimization of warehouses we have specialized in the following topics: 

Distribution Networks

  • Site analyses and site evaluations
  • Scenario technique for decision-making


  • Preparation of performance / requirements specifications,  preparation of invitation to tender
  • Logistics outsourcing: Selection of 3PL and 4PL for logistics services
  • Controlling of logistics services providers

Warehouse Planning

  • Warehouse planning of new buildings, alterations and extensions for manual and automated logistics systems
  • Green warehousing: Sustainable warehouse planning with the goal of energy efficiency  and resources efficiency  

Order Picking Systems

  • Planning and optimization of manual, automated and hybrid order picking systems
  • Technical configuration and performance assessment of order picking systems

Workplace Design

  • Cardboard engineering for optimization of workplace and workplace systems, such as packing stations
  • Ergonomic and age-appropriate design of workplaces
  • Low-cost automation

Lean Warehousing

  • Lean management and Six Sigma methods for warehouse optimization 
  • Modified value stream analysis and value stream design for warehouse processes 
  • Total productive maintenance TPM in the warehouse
  • Shop-floor management

Spare Parts Management and Spare Parts Logistics

  • Network strategies
  • Inventory optimization
  • Process design

Returns Logistics

  • Process design within the law, e.g. in compliance with Remote Sales Act, etc.
  • Process automation for returns management

Quality Management

  • Six Sigma in logistics
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • CIP (continuous improvement process)
  • Audit for transport, storage and procurement
  • Logistics FMEA for logistics planning and implementation
  • Key performance indicators systems for quality management in logistics 

IT systems

Evaluation and introduction of information systems and communication systems, such as

  • WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • APS systems
  • ERP systems
  • MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • CAQ systems in warehouse management