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VETC, the Virtual Engineering and Training Center founded in 2011 at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, is specialized in the holistic design and optimization of factories, production and warehouses with special emphasis on the use of modern technologies of the Digital and Virtual Factory with the aim of creating added value for companies and students.

We see ourselves as a practice-oriented link between industry and research as well as with the students engaged in our study projects. On the one hand, we promote young graduates ‘made by ESB Business School` who during their studies cooperate closely with the business community, acquiring the necessary skills to secure the companies’ competitiveness for the future. On the other hand, in our industrial projects we provide both longstanding, effective technical and management skills and the new impulses of the younger generation – this is why we always have our finger on the pulse of time!  

Our range of services include

  • Concept and scenario planning,
  • Implementation planning,
  • The construction and design of virtual working environments,
  • Training courses & seminars for managers and staff and
  • Expertises.

Our fields of activity comprise

  • Management consulting in production and logistics,
  • The organization and provision of company-specific training courses for management and staff,
  • The implementation of (funded) research projects and
  • Practically oriented training for students.

We look forward to cooperating with you on projects and to helping you increase your competitiveness. Make use of our know-how for your improvements and innovative advances.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Augustin