Digital / Virtual Factory

In the planning of the Digital / Virtual Factory we will support you with the creation of 3D models or develop with you procedure models for Virtual Engineering. We have specialized in the following topics: 

3D Layout Planning

  • Illustration of factories in 3D VR systems
  • Development and introduction of procedures and methods of Virtual Engineering and layout planning
  • Immersive Engineering in planning processes
  • Establishment of cyber-physical systems by linking workplaces with virtual models

Ergonomics Analyses with Full Body Tracking  

  • Analysis of assembly and handling processes in digital and ware-house models 
  • Workplace optimization by means of full body tracking

Management of Virtual Teams

  • Virtual collaborative engineering
  • Cooperation management in immersive working worlds
  • Project management in international projects

IT Systems

Evaluation and introduction of IT systems, such as

  • Immersive work systems
  • 3D VR visualization tools
  • 3D VR planning tools
  • Collaboration systems