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20.07.2020 | Kategorien ESB News

Project Presentations MSc Operations Management 2020

Students of the MSc Operations Management present their projects.

Faller Packing - Technology scouting and future scenarios for the digitalisation of the packaging industry:

In cooperation with August Faller GmbH & Co. KG, the project team developed technology radars, future scenarios and roadmaps for digitalisation in the packaging industry. Specifically, the product, production and logistics departments were considered as key areas. First, the project team analysed the current situation of the company and the existing processes. Parallel to this, an intensive technology scouting was carried out. With the help of the as-is analysis and the created technology radars, future scenarios for Faller Packaging were developed for each key area. Finally, a roadmap with concrete fields of action for the management was developed, which serves as a starting point for a planned project phase 2 - implementation scenarios.

Max Holder GmbH - Hose supply for the multi-variant small series assembly:

In the winter semester 2019/2020, the master project group developed an optimized supply concept for hydraulic components on a model-mix production line in cooperation with Max Holder GmbH. In the current summer semester, the future system supplier was selected. In close cooperation with the supplier, the process-cost-optimized supply concept was developed and implemented in ongoing production operations. The final step was the analysis of the implemented supply concept and a subsequent optimization under real conditions in order to secure the process sustainably. The successful result of the project is a powerful and stable RFID Kanban system from the supplier directly to the points of consumption at the model-mix line. This optimized supply system will be rolled out to other product groups of Max Holder GmbH in the medium term.