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The EPG vAG with its subsidiaries VLC vGmbH and VPC vGmbH sees itself as a virtual engineering planning office specializing in the following topics:

The Virtual Production Company, virtuelle GmbH offers services in the areas of product development and factory planning covering the entire process chain from product design to implementation planning of new production units.

The Virtual Logistics Company, virtuelle GmbH offers services in the area of logistics covering the whole spectrum of strategic logistics network planning to the detailed planning of logistics centers. 


The EPG vAG and its subsidiaries are based on a virtual organization so that a real working environment is simulated in the planning games in which the participants play specific roles and are embedded within the organization. 

For the required task a project team (participants) and a steering committee are formed for each planning game in the VLC vGmbH or the VPC vGmbH. This is also for presenting a real planning scenario. The organizational integration of the participants in planning teams in the virtual organization enables the participants to communicate in normal everyday projects in the organization with all the people included in the company’s organizational chart.  

The virtual method is achieved on the one hand by the virtual organization because the company’s employees can only be contacted by email or conference call and on the other hand due to physical separation. The teams do not work together in one room but are distributed in different rooms or work with participants at other places so that it is no longer possible to communicate face to face.