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The Concept

The innovative character of this training is based primarily on the fact that

  • a complex planning task is performed with responsibility for an entire process development across various operational functional areas (ViPPER: product development, quality management, factory planning, logistics system design, finances/controlling, etc. / ViSLER: logistics network planning, technical warehouse planning, transportation tendering, finances/controlling, etc.),
  • the participants have to perform a highly complex task in a very short time as a team,
  • each team is made up of participants from different (university) locations,
  • the team cannot communicate directly (face-to-face) and is therefore dependent on the use of modern information and communications technologies (ICT), the available ICT is derived from industrial practice and thus a realistic application is simulated (simplifying and rudimentary ICT is not used) .
  • the teams work in virtual worlds, ie they are employees of a virtual company with virtual customers and suppliers, each of which has their own specially devised profile and reacts to enquiries in a way which is correspondingly 'unpredictable'. With this their behaviour is simulated as realistically as possible for the students in the planning game.
  • information and instructions in the team are allocated to specific roles which are played by the individual participants.
  • planning is disrupted by misinformation and changes in planning parameters so that realistic conditions are simulated.

The collaboration of the virtual teams is carried out using modern information and communications technologies including documents and workflow management, product data management, video conferencing, application sharing, CAD collaboration, viewers, 3D VR planning tools, immersive VR Powerwall and project management tools.